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Here I have added the DVD drive and connected the Hard Drive (copper cable) and the USB backplate (gray cables that run to the back of the Hard Drive). I mounted the USB backplate internally so that my USB TV Card and Wireless Keyboard and Mouse did not have to connect to the back of the computer. The backplate is attached with Velcro to the back of the Hard Drive. The Hard Drive and the DVD drive are also held in place with Velcro. To keep from mounting the DVD directly to the Lexan cage, I mounted it to some left over sheet metal, then screwed the sheet metal so some Lexan, then used Velcro and zip ties to hold the DVD drive in place. You can also see the Netgear wireless 802.11 NIC installed.


Now I have added the PSU and WinTV USB Card. The DVD, PSU, and TV Card are for illustration purposes only. These 3 items will have to come off of the Lexan cage in order to install the cage in the toaster. After the cage is in place, the TV Card will be installed, followed by the PSU, and lastly the DVD drive. Then I will close up that side of the toaster. You can also tell by looking at these pictures that we are looking at the back end of the computer. The Hard Drive is actually at the front end of the computer / toaster.


Now the final component has been added. The dark blue box is the receiver for my Gyration wireless keyboard and mouse. When the toaster is completed you will be able to reach inside the toast slot and raise the antenna (if needed) and push the connect switch (the light blue button on the top of the dark blue box).


This is why I have been showing pictures from the backside of the computer. This picture is not very interesting as all you can see is the back of the DVD drive and the back of the Hard Drive. The silver cable is the slim DVDís IDE connection. You can also see the USB backplate on the left side of the picture, directly behind the Hard Drive. Obviously all of these cables will be cleaned up when the Lexan cage is installed inside the toaster.

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