The Toaster Kitchen Computer

By Adam Bertram,

Response to this computer mod has been amazing! So much so that I am launching a second website to sell an improved production model of this computer mod. I have used this site and mod to show the world what I have done. Now this mod has become a prototype and production models will be available soon.

To purchase an improved production model, check out this site!

Well, funding for this project has fallen a bit short. I still own the domain, but for the time being the project of selling production model toasters has been put on hold. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to email me.



This is the first computer that I have ever built. When I first looked into building a computer I wanted the best, fastest computer I could possibly build. Then I looked into the price of the components and WOW! that stuff is expensive. I priced out a P4 2.8 and the processor alone was $380 U.S. Dollars! The entire system was going to cost in excess of $1,900 U.S. Dollars. Well, I do not make that much money so I decided to put the computer building on hold for a year or two in order to save up.

About this time my wife came to me and asked to place our old PII tower computer in the kitchen (she has several cookbooks, gets recipes online, etc…). Now let me tell you that not only is this tower computer huge, it is U-G-L-Y. I don’t even think it would fit underneath the kitchen cabinets, and don’t even ask about the 6 year old 15” monitor!

Now, when I explained all of this to one of my co-workers he suggested a Mini-ITX system. I had never heard of this, but when he told me about how small it was, its capabilities, and its price, I thought “wunderbar” this is it!

            Since my wife wanted it for the kitchen I thought to disguise it as a kitchen appliance. My co-worker and I kicked around a few ideas but I finally decided on a toaster. It had the internal space required and looks good too. I then got on the Internet to find out more about what computer components to buy and I found this site, I was kind of bummed to see that a few people had built a toaster before, but I figured “What the hell”, I have never built a toaster, original or not!



  1. GE 4 Slot chrome toaster
  2. Via M9000 Motherboard
  3. 40GB Hard Drive
  4. 512MB DDR RAM
  5. Panasonic 4x slim DVD
  6. Sparkle 150W Power Supply
  7. Hauppauge USB TV Card
  8. Netgear wireless 802.11 Network Card
  9. Gyration Ultra cordless mouse and keyboard
  10. KDS Rad5-c 15" flat panel monitor

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